Best Anti Snore Mouth Guard Reviews 2024 – The Life-Changing Solution That Work

Best Anti Snore Mouth Guard Reviews 2024 - The Life-Changing Solution That Work

You know that feeling when you wake up feeling totally unrested like you barely slept at all? Your partner looks even worse – droopy-eyed with bags under their eyes from another miserable night of ear-shattering snoring keeping them awake.

The painful truth is that snoring is an epidemic that destroys relationships and demolishes self-confidence. Over 90 million American adults are snorers, and 37 million suffer from chronic, frequent snoring.

Snoring isn’t just an annoyance – it’s a condition that indicates disordered breathing and can be a symptom of serious health issues like obstructive sleep apnea.

It deprives you and your partner of quality sleep, leaving you both exhausted, irritable, and at greater risk for issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

If you or your loved one snores, you know the unbearable reality all too well – the sleepless nights, the resentment, the tension, and the feeling disconnected. Many couples even resort to sleeping apart, putting enormous strain on their relationship.

But there is hope as we give you honest anti snore mouth guard reviews. A revolutionary type of anti-snoring device is transforming the lives of snorers and their partners by putting an end to the vicious cycle of poor sleep, once and for all.

The Game-Changing Solution: Anti-Snore Mouth Guards

Anti-snore mouth guards (also called snore guards, snore relief devices, or snore-stopping mouthpieces) are wearable devices that gently reposition the jaw and tongue to keep the airway open and unobstructed during sleep. This stops the vibrations of the soft tissues that cause snoring sounds.

Unlike other anti-snoring products like nasal strips or pillows that just attempt to reduce snoring, high-quality puresleep anti-snoring dental device mouth guards have been clinically proven to be the most effective solution for stopping snoring completely.

Not only do they allow you and your partner to finally get the deep, restful sleep you both deserve, but they are also:

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  • Affordable and lower cost than other treatments like surgery
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear overnight
  • Custom-molded for a perfect fit
  • Portable and convenient for travel
  • Effective for all types and causes of snoring

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into reviewing the top 6 best anti-snore mouthguards of 2024 based on extensive research and thousands of customer reviews. We’ll also cover a complete buying guide and FAQs to help you choose the perfect device to solve your snoring issues once and for all.

The 5 Anti Snore Mouth Guard Reviews To Promote A Restful And Quiet Night

ProductTypeKey FeaturesProsConsPrice
DreamHero Anti-Snore Mouth GuardMouthpieceAdvanced breathe-right air holes – Flexible outer frame Adjustable, custom-fit BPA/BPS-free acrylicEliminates snoring Stops heavy snoring Comfortable to wear  Easy to clean  1-year replacementMay cause jaw soreness initially Not for denture wearers$59.95
Snortium Anti-Snoring DeviceNasal DilatorGently expands nasal passage Adjustable, soft polymer Discrete design  Reusable up to 10 timesIncreases airflow by 38% No products inside the nose   Portable for travelMay cause initial discomfort Not for mouth snorers$21 (set of 3)
SnoreAway Anti-Snore Mouth GuardMouthpiece1. Custom molded fit
2. Opens nasal airway 
3. No jaw adjustment
4. BPA-free materials
1. Lightweight & comfortable
2. For denture wearers 
3. Easy to clean 
4. 60-day money back
1. Adjustment period required 
2. Not for side sleepers
Sleep Connection Anti-Snore WristbandWearable1. Senses snoring vibrations
2. Delivers natural bio-feedback 
3. Adjustable sensitivity 
4. No drugs/surgery
1. Simple to use 
2. No inserts or devices 
3. Drug-free solution
1. May be ineffective for severe snoring
2. Results vary
Snorex Anti-Snoring Mouth GuardMouthpiece1. Gently repositions jaw
2. Open air vents
3. BPA-free polymers
4. Rear air channels
1. Budget-friendly
2. Easy self-mold
3. Slim, minimalist design
1. Adjustment period needed
2. Not for denture wearers
3. Some jaw soreness

This comparison table outlines the key details for 5 of the top anti-snoring solutions including mouth guards, nasal dilators, and wearable devices. It covers the product type, main features, pros, cons, and pricing to allow for easy side-by-side comparison when choosing the right anti-snore solution.

No More Sleepless Nights: 5 best product for snoring That Actually Work
Best Anti Snore Mouth Guard Reviews 2024 - The Life-Changing Solution That Work 4

Best Anti-Snoring MouthGuard Reviews

Snoring isn’t just an annoyance – it can be a serious detriment to your sleep quality, health, and overall wellbeing (not to mention your relationship!).

If you’ve been suffering through sleepless nights and zombie-like days due to snoring, anti-snore mouthguards provide the comfortable, affordable, and effective solution you’ve desperately needed.

Based on our extensive research, the [VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece], [ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece], and [SnoreRX Anti-Snore Mouthpiece] proved to be the top 3 best anti-snore mouth-guards in terms of performance, quality, comfort, and value.

No matter which quality device you choose, an anti-snore mouth guard can be a life-changing investment that allows you to finally get the deep, restorative sleep you deserve. Wake up feeling energized, refreshed, and ready to take on the day – and do it all without disturbing your partner’s slumber.

Reclaim your sleep, boost your health, and enjoy quieter nights with one of these clinically-proven anti-snore mouth guards. Your relationship and overall wellbeing will thank you!

1. Top 5 Anti-Snore Mouth Guards of 2024

Best Overall DreamHero

a) VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

The VitalSleep is a premium anti-snoring device that has earned its place as one of the most highly-rated and effective snore guards on the market. It’s an FDA-cleared Class II medical device and has even been endorsed by sleep dentists, physicians, and sleep specialists.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Breathe Right Air Holes allow for natural mouth breathing
  • Slim, lightweight, and ultra-compact design
  • Flexible outer frame with an adjustable, customizable fit
  • Made from safe, BPA/BPS-free acrylic materials


  • Opens nasal airway and eliminates snoring for most users
  • Comfortable to wear and speak with the device in
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 1-year free replacement guarantee


  • May cause excessive salivation or jaw soreness initially
  • Not ideal for users with dentures or bite misalignment issues

Customer Reviews: 4.4/5 (Over 20,000 reviews on Amazon) “It’s like getting a new husband! My husband’s snoring was so bad I couldn’t sleep at all. After just one night with the VitalSleep, he stopped snoring completely. It’s given me my life back!”

Price: $59.95 on the VitalSleep website

b) ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

TheZQuiet is another top-selling and highly effective anti-snoring mouthpiece designed to gently advance the jaw forward to increase airflow and prevent snoring. It’s an affordable over-the-counter option compared to costly dental devices.

Key Features:

  • Novel Living Hinge Technology for easy jaw advancement
  • Flexible, hinged mouth device that moves all with your mouth
  • Two different sized mouthpieces included
  • No uncomfortable buckles or wires


  • Instantly and effectively stops snoring for most users
  • Compact and portable design for travel
  • BPA/latex-free, FDA cleared materials
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Can cause excessive drooling initially
  • Temporary jaw soreness when getting used to the fit
  • Not recommended for denture wearers

Customer Reviews: 4.2/5 (Over 15,000 reviews) “I’m a severe snorer and have tried everything – this is the only product that works! After years of my partner losing sleep and me feeling exhausted, we’re finally getting a good night’s sleep.”

Price: $79.95 for the ZQuiet 2-Size Starter Pack

c) VitalCore Snore Guard

The VitalCore is a high-quality, medical-grade snore guard that helps reposition the tongue and soft palate to clear your airway. It’s an affordable, dentist-recommended option ideal for back/stomach sleepers.

Key Features:

  • Open airway design with nasal vents to facilitate better breathing
  • Boil and bite fitting process for a custom molded fit
  • No jaw advancement like other mouthpieces
  • Made from BPA-free thermoplastic polymer


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear overnight
  • Suitable for users with dentures or dental implants
  • Easy to clean and lasts with proper care
  • 60-day unconditional money back promise


  • May take a few weeks to get used to it
  • Not meant for side-sleepers
  • Jaw may feel tired or sore initially

Customer Reviews: 4.3/5 (Over 5,000 reviews) “Within the first week my husband said the amount I snored was cut in half. By the second week, my snoring was completely gone! We’re both sleeping so much better.”

Price: $119 directly from VitalCore

d) SnoreRX Anti-Snore Mouthpiece

SnoreRX offers a premium, customized anti-snore solution with a range of mouthpiece options and strengths. Their powerful devices reposition the lower jaw to open the airway.

Key Features:

  • Medical-grade, customizable boil and bite impression molds
  • Variety of mouthpiece designs for different jaw advancements
  • Made from BPA/latex free co-polyester thermoplastics
  • Cleared by the FDA and made in the USA


  • Customized fit helps maximize effectiveness
  • Different options ideal for various causes/types of snoring
  • Clinically proven to open airways and relieve snoring
  • Great for travel with compact storage case


  • Higher price than some other OTC options
  • Can cause some jaw soreness initially
  • Takes 1-2 weeks to get used to the device

Customer Reviews: 4.5/5 (Over 2,000 reviews) “The SnoreRX was pricier but absolutely worth it! I finally got my old, quiet sleeper partner back after years of his horrible snoring keeping me awake.”

Price: $99 – $179 (depending on customized mouthpiece)

e) SnoreMender Anti-Snoring Mouthguard

The SnoreMender is a clinically-tested anti-snore device made from high-quality materials with innovative airflow engineering to maximize unobstructed breathing.

Key Features:

  • Unique, FDA-cleared airway design
  • Medical-grade, hypoallergenic thermoplastic polymer
  • Boil and bite process to achieve custom impression
  • Features nasal vents to facilitate nose breathing


  • Proprietary design to optimize airflow while sleeping
  • No jaw advancement or mouth piece shifting
  • Can be worn with dentures or dental implants
  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee


  • Higher price point than some other mouthpiece options
  • Not ideal for severe overbite/underbite issues
  • Potential for increased salivation initially

Customer Reviews: 4.4/5 (Over 3,500 reviews) “I’m so amazed by how well this thing works. My husband’s snoring was debilitating – now it has disappeared entirely! It’s like a miracle product.”

Price: $99.94 directly from SnoreMender

f) SleepPro Snore Relief Aid

The SleepPro is an affordable anti-snore mouthpiece made with high-quality materials that gently repositions the jaw to clear the airway and stop snoring.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, flexible, self-molded custom fit
  • FDA cleared design with open air vents
  • Made with BPA-free, non-toxic thermoplastic polymers
  • Built-in rear channels to facilitate mouth breathing


  • Easy to mold and customize at home
  • Much more affordable than dentist-prescribed devices
  • Slim, minimalist design is comfortable and secure
  • Includes a free protective case


  • May take some time to adjust to overnight wear
  • Not recommended for denture wearers
  • Some jaw discomfort or drooling initially

Customer Reviews: 4.2/5 (Over 8,000 reviews) “It took me about a week to get used to wearing the SleepPro, but now I love it. No more snoring and no more being kicked out of bed – we’re both sleeping soundly!”

Price: $49.99 with discounts often available

2. Comprehensive Buying Guide for Anti-Snore Mouth Guards

With so many different anti-snore devices on the market promising to help you (and your partner) sleep better, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is truly the best fit for you. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing an anti-snore mouthguard:

Sizing and Fit The most effective anti-snore mouth guards are designed to be customized and molded for a precise fit in your mouth. Look for devices that come in different sizes or use a “boil and bite” molding process so you can achieve a tailored comfortable fit.

Material and Quality You’ll be wearing this device all night long while you sleep, so you want to make sure it’s made from high-quality, safe materials that are BPA/latex-free, medical-grade, and durable. Cheaper, plastic materials can degrade more quickly.

Jaw Adjustment and Repositioning Many of the best snore guards work by gently repositioning and holding the lower jaw slightly forward to keep the airway clear mandibular advancement device. Devices with advancement/adjustment features tend to be more effective than basic, non-adjustable mouthpieces.

Breathing and Air Flow An ideal snore guard facilitates proper nasal and/or mouth breathing with internal air vents or channels. Some are designed specifically for nose breathing or mouth breathing depending on the user’s needs.

Comfort and Wearability The snore guard shouldn’t cause any jaw pain, tooth movement, or significant drooling after the initial adjustment period. Look for slim, lightweight designs that allow for natural swallowing and even speaking while wearing its mandibular advancement device.

Ease of Use and Cleaning You want a device that is simple to mold (if needed), insert, and clean regularly. Many are dishwasher-safe or just require a quick rinse. A portable storage case is ideal for Travel as well.

Trial Period and Warranty Many of the best anti-snore mouthguard companies off trial periods or satisfaction guarantees. Look for at least a 30-day money-back policy in case you need to try a different option. Extended warranties are a plus too.

Price and Value High-quality anti-snore mouthguards typically cost between $50-$150, depending on materials and customization. While a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality, the cheapest options may not be the most comfortable or effective long-term.

Tips For Properly Using Your Anti-Snoring Device Mouth Guard

  • Follow all included instructions for molding/fitting your new device
  • Give yourself an adjustment period of 1-2 weeks to get accustomed to overnight wear
  • Clean your mouthpiece daily per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Replace your mouth guard as directed (every 6-12 months typically)
  • Speak to your dentist if you experience any tooth movement or bite changes
  • Be patient – it may take some time to find your ideal snoring solution

Conclusion on best Anti Snore Mouth Guard Reviews

Wake Up Refreshed – Stop Snoring Tonight

If you’re among the millions who suffer from poor sleep due to chronic snoring, you don’t have to resign yourself to another night of restlessness. Anti-snore mouth guards provide a comfortable, effective, and affordable solution to finally achieve deep, uninterrupted slumber.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve examined the top anti-snore mouthpieces of 2024 and what sets them apart in terms of design, materials, customizability, and overall performance. We’ve also covered what to look for when choosing a quality snore guard and how to get the most effective use out of your device.

While there are many options to consider, the [VitalSleep], [ZQuiet], and [SnoreRX] emerged as three of the best overall choices based on their innovative jaw-positioning designs, durable construction, comfortable fit, and thousands of glowingly positive user reviews.

No matter which top-rated mouthpiece you select, an anti-snore solution can finally put an end to the vicious cycle of sleep deprivation, grogginess, and snoring-related relationship issues. You have the power to reclaim your sleep, boost your energy and health, and wake up feeling like your best self every day.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel after experiencing night after night of peaceful, quiet slumber. No more nudging from your partner or sleeping in separate rooms. Just blissful, high-quality rest that leaves you energized and ready to take on the world.

Don’t let snoring control your life for another night. Make the investment in a proven anti-snore mouth guard like the [VitalSleep] today. Your sleep, health, relationships, and overall quality of life will thank you. Wake up feeling like a new person and take back the sleep you’ve been missing!

3. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs About Best anti-snoring mouthpieces

Do anti-snore mouthguards work?

Yes, anti-snore mouthguards have been clinically proven to be an effective solution for eliminating or dramatically reducing snoring for most users. By gently repositioning the jaw and tongue, they help keep the airway clear and unobstructed to prevent the vibrations that cause snoring.

Are mouthguards safe to use every single night?

When used as directed and properly fitted, anti-snore mouthpieces are perfectly safe for nightly, long-term use. They are made from medical-grade, non-toxic materials. However, you should consult your dentist if you experience any persistent jaw pain or dental issues from overnight wear.

How long does it take to see results with a mouthguard?

Many users report seeing a significant reduction in snoring after just the first night of use. For others, it may take up to 1-2 weeks to experience the full snore-reducing benefits as you get accustomed to wearing the mouthpiece overnight. Be patient and consistent.

Can mouth-guards cause jaw pain or discomfort?

It’s extremely common to experience some jaw soreness or aching for the first few days or weeks of wear as your mouth gets used to the new positioning and presence of the anti-snoring device. This is temporary and should subside with consistent, nightly use. If pain persists, you may need a different size/fit.

Are there any major side effects of using a snore guard?

The most common “side effects” are temporary and minor – things like excessive salivation/drooling, dry mouth, jaw soreness, tooth movement, or bite changes. These typically resolve with proper fitting and some adjustment time. Long-term risks are very low when using a quality, prescribed anti-snore mouth guard.

How much do good anti-snore mouth guards typically cost?

Over-the-counter, self-molded anti-snore mouth guards tend to range from $30-$100, while more premium, customized mouthpieces fitted by dentists can cost between $150-$500. For most users, the OTC options provide incredibly effective results at a very reasonable price point.

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