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The Complete Guide to Folding Clothes, All Kinds of Clothes, Sheets, and Towels

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We all have that chair, or corner of the room. The place where clean clothes come to lay in an ever-growing pile, waiting to be folded. Or the closet shelf where sheets and towels get crammed in a messy heap after laundry day.

Proper folding may seem like a waste of time when you’re busy, but it makes all the difference in keeping your home neat and organized.

This article on How to fold bedspread, How to Fold All Kinds of Clothes, Sheets, and Towels, will teach you how to fold all types of clothing, from shirts and pants to jeans and shorts. You’ll also learn the best techniques for folding linens like sheets, duvet covers and towels.

With a few simple folds, you can conquer that laundry pile and keep everything crisp and wrinkle-free in your cupboards. Transform your messy piles into neat and tidy stacks!

Why Bother Folding Clothes?

You slip on a freshly washed t-shirt only to find it’s already wrinkled… Sound familiar? Tossing clean clothes into piles seems easy when you’re rushing around, but it creates extra work later on. Taking a bit of time to fold clothes properly after washing has many advantages:

Keeps clothes neat and wrinkle-free – Clothes that are folded smoothly rarely need ironing.

Saves closet and drawer space – Folded stacks fit far more efficiently than messy piles.

Makes laundry easier to sort – You’ll instantly see each item when folded separately.

Looks organized and tidy – Who doesn’t love opening a drawer to see crisp, neat piles?

Material folded correctly should need little or no ironing down the road. And you’ll thank yourself later when getting dressed in the morning. Taking 10 or 15 minutes to properly fold a load of laundry will save you hassle for weeks to come.

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How to Fold Pants and Shorts

Pants and shorts can easily get messy if not folded correctly. For neat folds that keep their shape:

How to Fold Pants

  1. Lay pants flat with the front side facing up. Make sure any flys or zippers are closed and smooth.
  2. Fold the pants in half lengthwise, with the waistband and pant legs aligned. Smooth out any wrinkles.
  3. Then fold the pants in half widthwise, matching up the side seams and pant cuffs on each side.
  4. Store folded pants stacked upright in a drawer, to prevent re-creasing the folds. Place heavier items like denim at the bottom and lightweight pants on top.

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How to Fold Shorts

Follow the same technique as folding pants:

  1. Lay shorts flat with the front side up and zippers closed. Smooth out fabric.
  2. Fold shorts in half lengthwise first, lining up the waistband and leg hems.
  3. Finally fold shorts in half widthwise to create a neat rectangular stack.

Folding pants and shorts lengthwise first helps the waist and leg seams lie flat. It keeps the folds smooth and wrinkle-free. Stacking them upright also helps them retain their shape in storage better than laying flat.

Pro Tip:

If pants or shorts are wrinkled already, consider giving them a quick pass with the iron or steamer before folding. This sets the fibers in place for a crisp fold.

Here is how to properly fold pants and shorts.

Now let’s move onto folding other common wardrobe items…

Here is more of the blog post:

How to Fold Shirts and T-Shirts

Follow this simple shirt-folding method for wrinkle-free results:

How to Fold T-Shirts

  1. Lay the t-shirt face up on a flat surface. Make sure any graphics or logos are facing upwards.
  2. Fold the shirt in half horizontally by bringing the bottom hem up to the collar. Smooth out any wrinkles.
  3. Now fold the t-shirt in half vertically by folding one sleeve across to the other.
  4. Store folded t-shirts upright in organized stacks. Add dividers or shelves in drawers to separate by color, sleeve length etc.

How to Fold Button-Up Shirts

  1. Do up all buttons and lay the shirt front side up. Ensure seams and edges are straight.
  2. Fold sleeves in toward the middle to create crisp edges along the sides.
  3. Fold the shirt horizontally across the midsection. Line up top collar and shirttails evenly.
  4. Fold vertically down the center of the shirt from top to bottom.

Use the same technique for polo shirts, blouses and sweaters for consistent folded stacks. Pro tip: Add tissue paper between freshly folded sweaters to absorb moisture and prevent stretching out.

Check out this excellent YouTube tutorial showing how to properly fold shirts:

How to Fold T-shirts Like Marie Kondo

Next we’ll cover how to neatly fold delicate fabrics, starting with jeans and other denim…

How to Fold Jeans and Denim

Jeans and denim items have thick seams and rigid fabric that can be tricky to fold smoothly. But you can keep them neat and wrinkle-free with these tips:

How to Fold Jeans

  1. Button all buttons and zip up flys on jeans. Turn them right side out.
  2. Lay jeans flat, smoothing out any bunching fabric. Align side seams and cuffs.
  3. Fold jeans in half lengthwise, from waistband to pant leg hems.
  4. Fold in half again widthwise, matching inseams and side seams.
  5. If desired, fold jeans a third time widthwise to create a narrow stacked fold.
  6. Store jeans standing upright with folds facing outwards. Doing so helps prevent indent creasing on fabrics.

How to Fold Denim Shorts, Skirts and Jackets

  1. Fasten all buttons and zippers. Ensure any pockets are turned out.
  2. Fold garment in half lengthwise first. On shorts or skirts, match hems.
  3. Fold denim piece widthwise to desired stack measurements.

Use these techniques for any Sturdy denim pieces like jackets, overalls or jeans. Starch spray can be lightly spritzed onto fabric for extra crisp folds as well.

For a helpful visual guide, watch this video:

Learn How to Fold Jeans Like a Pro! – (Genius, Space-Saving Hacks)

Now that you are a master folder of clothes, let’s conquer linens next…

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How to Fold Sheets and Bedding

Freshly washed sheets are bulky and unruly – but they don’t have to be if you master these folding techniques:

How to Fold Flat Sheets

  1. Lay the sheet face down neatly on a large, flat surface. Align the edges.
  2. Fold sheet inward toward center on longer edges until sheet reduces to approx 80″ wide.
  3. Now fold sheet in half widthwise, then half again to create neat stacking folds.
  4. Store folded sheets vertically in closet or linen drawers. Add shelving to segment sheet sizes if desired.

How to Fold Fitted Sheets

  1. Place fitted sheet inside out on a table and smooth flat.
  2. Fold sheet in half widthwise, matching the short ends and taking care not to disturb elastic corners. Create crisp folds.
  3. Fold sheet in half lengthwise. Tuck the elastic corners inside to keep them neatly contained.
  4. Fold sheet in half or thirds again widthwise depending on needs. Store upright like flat sheets.

It takes practice to neatly fold a fitted sheet. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions:

Learn How to Finally Fold a Fitted Sheet

Bedding requires being meticulous while folding to end up tidy. But with good technique, it can be done!

Now onto what many consider the greatest folding nemesis of all – large bath towels…

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How to Fold Towels

Few household items torment us with their bulky, unruly nature like bath towels. But don’t despair! Here are foolproof techniques to tame towels once and for all:

How to Fold Bath Towels

  1. Lay towel face down and gently smooth any wrinkles. Align edges.
  2. Fold towel in half widthwise, matching the short ends together.
  3. Fold towel in half lengthwise. Repeat once more if needed for smaller folds.
  4. Store neatly folded towels stacked vertically to maximize closet and shelf space.

How to Fold Kitchen and Cleaning Towels

  1. Shake towel out and smooth flat any wrinkles or bunching.
  2. Fold towel into thirds lengthwise by bringing shorter ends into the middle.
  3. Now fold into thirds again widthwise.
  4. Store folded towels in kitchen drawers, buckets or caddies. This compact fold access easy access while cooking.

The secret for neatly folding towels is keeping the short edges aligned while making evenly spaced folds. Try this method:

Learn How to Fold Towels Like a Spa Employee

You are now ready to take on any pile of laundry – no more chaotic messes once you’ve mastered these techniques!

Folding Clothes Fast

When you’re rushed for time, use these speed techniques:

General Tips for Fast Folding

  • Work swiftly and don’t overthink it
  • Stick to basic folds like lengthwise and widthwise
  • Skip any intricate folds or aligned corners
  • Use a large, clean surface like a bed or table

How to Quick Fold T-Shirts

  1. Lay shirts in stacks of 4-5, alternating graphics back & front
  2. Keeping stacks intact, fold entire stack in half widthwise
  3. Fold stack in half lengthwise
  4. Repeat to create bundles separated by design

Fast Fold Pants and Shorts

  1. Shake out each piece and zip/button flies
  2. Fold pants in half lengthwise, then widthwise
  3. Lay folded pants in piles of similar fabrics and sizes

The key is to not fret over perfection. Neat stacks folded uniformly will still save closet space and keep items orderly. Practice will help increase your speed as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to fold bedspread, How to Fold All Kinds of Clothes, Sheets, and Towels

Now that you know the best techniques for folding everything from shirts and sheets, check out answers to some other common folding FAQs:

Q: Why should I actually bother folding clothes? Does it really matter?
A: Proper folding keeps clothes free of wrinkles and damage while maximizing closet/drawer space. It also helps you organize items and see what needs laundering.

Q: What is the best way to fold shirts? Should I button all the buttons first? A: Yes, do up buttons first for a smooth fold. Then fold shirts horizontally first across chest, then vertically to align sides.

Q: How do I fold pants vertically to save space in drawers? A: Fold pants in half lengthwise first bringing the waistband down to pant hems. Then fold again widthwise. Store folded pants standing upright.

Q: What is the quickest way to neatly fold a pile of towels? A: Lay towels one at a time and fold in half, then in half again widthwise keeping edges aligned. Store towels stacked vertically for compact storage.

Q: How should I fold clothes I won’t wear often like winter sweaters?
A: Use space bags or vacuum storage bags to compact bulky sweaters in the off season. Storing flat helps prevent stretching and damage.

And there you have it – no more dreading laundry day! We hope these techniques help streamline your folding process. Just take it step-by-step and soon you’ll be folding efficiently in no time.


1. Real Simple Guide to Folding

Real Simple provides visual guides on folding categories like shirts, sheets, towels and more. Step-by-step instructions break down key techniques.

2. Good Housekeeping: How to Fold Anything

This Good Housekeeping guide gives tips on folding not just clothes, but hard-to-fold items like flags, plastic bags, children’s clothing and more. The photos and instructions simplify tricky folding tasks.

Checking out these sites will provide extra visual references on proper folding methods for anything you may struggle with. Their recommendations align with the techniques outlined above as well.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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