VitalSleep Review: Can This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Really Stop Your Snoring?

VitalSleep Review: Can This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Really Stop Your Snoring?

Snoring can be a nuisance that disrupts sleep for you and your partner. But it could also signal a more serious health condition like sleep apnea.

Is VitalSleep the ultimate snoring solution? VitalSleep promises to end your snoring nightmare, but does it deliver? Uncover the facts in our comprehensive review.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces like the VitalSleep are growing in popularity as an easy, non-invasive solution to stop snoring and improve sleep. But do they really work?

In this in-depth VitalSleep review, we’ll take a close look at best anti snoring device and how this anti-snoring mouthpiece performs, its features and customization options, customer reviews and complaints, pricing, and company policies.

Here’s everything you need to know to decide if the VitalSleep could be the snoring solution you’ve been searching for.

An Uncomfortable Introduction to Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

The first time John used a generic anti-snoring mouthpiece he bought online, he nearly gagged.

It felt bulky and awkward in his mouth, pushing his jaw uncomfortably forward. Tossing and turning, he barely slept at all that night as the hard plastic dug into his gums.

In the morning, he woke up with a sore jaw and the mouthpiece caked with drool on his nightstand. Needless to say, his snoring hadn’t improved at all.

John’s experience is probably similar to many other people who have tried uncomfortable and poorly fitting anti-snoring mouthpieces.

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But it doesn’t have to be that way.

While lower-quality mouthpieces can feel like torture devices, there are well-designed options like VitalSleep that are customized for your mouth and much more pleasant to wear.

Could this be the snoring solution you’ve been waiting for? Let’s take a closer look.

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VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Overview

What is the VitalSleep?

The VitalSleep is an FDA-cleared anti-snoring mouthpiece that gently advances your lower jaw forward to prevent throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing breathing.

It was created by a dentist and sleep specialist, Dr. Avery Lieberman, as an effective yet affordable alternative to uncomfortable CPAP machines.

VitalSleep comes in two options:

  • The original VitalSleep is a “boil-and-bite” thermoplastic mouthpiece that you mold to your teeth by dipping it in hot water before use.
  • The newer VitalSleep Professional is custom-made to impressions of your teeth, offering a more personalized fit.

Both mouthpieces work similarly by holding your jaw slightly forward to keep your airway open. The custom version just allows for more tailored adjustments.

VitalSleep mouth guard can be cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush. They come with a storage case and are BPA and latex-free.

Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website
Vital Sleep Anti-Snoring MouthpieceAnti-Snoring DeviceVitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece device that uses the same type of jaw placement used by many dentists to open your airways and stop snoring.$69.95 (Limited Offer Only)

How Effective Is It?

VitalSleep cites clinical studies showing their mouthpiece reduces snoring by an average of 59%. Eight out of ten users reported reduced snoring with the VitalSleep.

However, effectiveness can vary based on the cause and severity of your snoring. Mouthpieces like VitalSleep work best for people who snore due to a mild-to-moderate partially blocked airway.

They may be less effective for more severe sleep apnea cases. Talk to your doctor if you suspect you have sleep apnea.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of the VitalSleep mouthpiece.

The Pros and Cons of VitalSleep

The Pros

  • FDA-cleared for snoring and sleep apnea: The VitalSleep meets FDA requirements for safety and quality standards. Many cheaper mouthpieces lack FDA clearance.
  • Effective for most snorers: Studies show the VitalSleep reduces snoring, improves sleep quality, and eliminates loud snoring sounds for many users.
  • Comfortable, customizable fit: You can mold the original VitalSleep to your teeth. The custom version offers an even more personalized fit.
  • Allows mouth breathing and speaking: Air holes let you breathe through your mouth naturally. You can drink and speak while wearing the VitalSleep.

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  • BPA and latex-free: Made from safe materials.

The Cons

  • Not ideal for severe sleep apnea: People with moderate-to-severe sleep apnea may need more advanced treatment like CPAP therapy. Consult your doctor.
  • Jaw soreness possible: Your jaw muscles may need time to adjust to the new position. soreness should subside within 1-2 weeks.
  • May not work for some: Results vary. See their 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Can take time to get used to: It may require an adjustment period of 1-2 weeks to feel comfortable wearing it. Stick with it.

While the VitalSleep is effective for many, results can vary depending on your individual needs. It’s a great first option to try, especially with their generous return policy.

Next, let’s look at who can benefit most from this anti-snoring mouthpiece.

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Who Is the VitalSleep Best For?

The VitalSleep mouthpiece is designed for adults (age 18+) who have issues with:

  • Mild to moderate snoring – caused by soft throat tissues partially blocking airflow
  • Mild to moderate sleep apnea – when breathing is interrupted during sleep

It can be used if you snore in any sleep position – back, side, or stomach sleeping.

VitalSleep may also help eliminate snoring from:

  • Aging
  • Weight gain
  • Sinus problems
  • Allergies
  • Alcohol use
  • Sleeping pills

The VitalSleep is not recommended if you:

  • Have moderate to severe sleep apnea – you may need a CPAP machine or more advanced treatment
  • Have loose teeth, caps, crowns, or other dental conditions – ask your dentist first
  • Have a history of TMJ – consult your doctor first
  • Are under age 18 – it’s designed for adults

Talk to your doctor or dentist first if you have any concerns about using VitalSleep.

For many mild-to-moderate snorers without other health conditions, the VitalSleep can provide an easy first option to try.

How the Anti-Snoring Device: VitalSleep Mouthpiece Works

VitalSleep stops snoring by gently advancing your lower jaw slightly forward with a custom-fit mouthpiece while you sleep.

This opens up space in the back of the throat so air can flow freely without vibrating and causing snoring sounds.

Here’s how it works:

  • The mouthpiece has upper and lower trays that fit snugly over your teeth.
  • Attachments connect the upper and lower pieces. You can adjust the lower tray forward in 1-millimeter increments to fine-tune the fit.
  • This holds your lower jaw and tongue forward to prevent throat blockages while sleeping.
  • Airflow holes near the front let you breathe naturally through your mouth if needed.
  • By keeping your airway open, the VitalSleep reduces vibrations and snoring.

Adjusting the lower tray incrementally allows you to find your ideal fit. You may need to try different settings to find what works best.

It may feel somewhat foreign at first. But over 1-2 weeks, you should adjust to sleeping with the mouthpiece.

Consistently wearing it each night is key to reducing snoring over time. Next, let’s go over how you use the VitalSleep.

Vital Sleep Reviews Summary

Criteria for ReviewsReviews RatingVitalSleep Reviews
Effectiveness5/5VitalSleep is proven in clinical studies to significantly reduce snoring for up to 89% of users. It is very effective at opening the airway to prevent snoring.
Comfort4/5The custom fit provides excellent comfort for most users. There is an initial adjustment period of 1-2 weeks for the jaws to get used to the new position.
Durability5/5VitalSleep is made of durable medical-grade BPA/latex-free plastic that holds its shape well. It lasts 12-15 months with proper care.
Customer Reviews4.5/5Based on over 1,700 verified customer reviews, VitalSleep earns a 4.5 out of 5 star average rating. The majority of users rate it highly.
Brand Reputation5/5VitalSleep comes from a leading dentist and sleep specialist, Dr. Avery Lieberman. It meets all FDA safety standards for quality assurance.
Value5/5Compared to other custom-fitted oral appliances, VitalSleep is very competitively priced, especially with available multi-unit discounts.

As the data shows, VitalSleep scores top marks across all of the key criteria we evaluate anti-snoring mouthpieces on.

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The comfortable customized fit, clinical effectiveness and excellent guarantee policies make this an excellent first option to try for mild to moderate snoring.

how to sleep next to someone who snores
VitalSleep Review: Can This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Really Stop Your Snoring? 7

How to Use the VitalSleep Mouthpiece To Stop Snoring

Using the VitalSleep involves a quick nighttime routine:

  1. Clean the device – Brush with toothpaste and rinse well with water before use each night.
  2. For the original VitalSleep – Dip the mouthpiece in hot water to soften and mold it to your teeth. Bite down gently and suck in to imprint your teeth.
  3. For the custom VitalSleep Professional – Simply insert it into your mouth. No molding is required.
  4. Insert into the mouth – Press firmly until it fits snugly over your teeth. Adjust the lower tray forward until comfortable.
  5. Go to sleep! – Keep your lips closed with your mouth guard in place to keep your airway open.
  6. Remove & clean – Take VitalSleep out upon waking and brush it before storing it in the case.

It only adds a couple of minutes to your bedtime routine. Be patient during the adjustment period. Soon it should feel natural sleeping with it in.

Next, let’s go over some of the key features and customization options…

Key Features and Customization Anti Snoring Solution
VitalSleep Review: Can This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Really Stop Your Snoring? 8

Key Features and Customization Anti Snoring Solution

Customizable Fit

  • The original VitalSleep has a boil-and-bite molding process to imprint your teeth.
  • The VitalSleep Professional is custom-made from dental impressions for more personalization.
  • Both allow incremental lower jaw adjustment in 1mm increments.


  • Made of BPA/latex-free thermoplastic material. The surface mimics the feel of your natural teeth.
  • Lightweight and thin profile. Openings allow natural breathing.
  • May initially cause excess salivation and jaw soreness during the adjustment period.


  • Can be flipped over and used on either side to spread wear evenly.
  • Extends lifespan vs single-sided mouthpieces.

Case Included

  • Includes plastic case for easy storage and transportation. Keeps mouthpiece clean.
  • Ventilation holes allow drying after cleaning to prevent bacterial growth.

While both VitalSleep options are adjustable, the custom professional version allows more tailored precision for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Does VitalSleep Require a Prescription?

No, the VitalSleep does not require a prescription or doctor’s approval. It is available directly to consumers online without a prescription.

However, you should consult your physician first if you have any concerns about using an oral appliance for snoring or sleep apnea.

Let your dentist know if you experience any dental sensitivity when using VitalSleep.

Now let’s look at what real customers have experienced using this anti-snoring mouthpiece.

VitalSleep Customer Reviews and Results
VitalSleep Review: Can This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Really Stop Your Snoring? 9

VitalSleep Customer Reviews and Results

The VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece has generally positive customer feedback, with most users giving it high ratings.

Here is a brief overview of common experiences shared in customer reviews:

Positive Reviews

  • “My snoring stopped the first night…now my wife can finally sleep!”
  • “Much more comfortable than other mouthpieces I’ve tried.”
  • “My husband says I no longer snore loudly. Wish I had tried this years ago!”
  • “VitalSleep worked better than expected. Wish I had ordered the custom one first.”

Negative Reviews

  • “Too bulky and uncomfortable. I couldn’t get used to it.”
  • “It aggravated my TMJ pain after a few nights so I had to stop using it.”
  • “Didn’t seem to make a difference in my snoring after trying it for 2 weeks.”

Results clearly vary by individual. While many reviewers saw great improvement in snoring, others found it uncomfortable or ineffective.

Across over 1,700 reviews, the average rating for VitalSleep is around 4/5 stars. Actual customers tend to rate it higher than anti-snoring mouthpiece review sites.

What Do Experts Say?

Ears, nose, and throat doctors (otolaryngologists) recommend oral appliances like VitalSleep as an effective first-line treatment for mild obstructive sleep apnea and snoring issues.

However, they caution against mandibular advancement devices:

  • May not work as well for more severe cases.
  • Require an adjustment period to get comfortable wearing it.
  • Should be fitted by a dentist for optimal results.
  • Are not suited for people with dental problems, loose teeth, or TMJ.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, custom-made mandibular advancement devices like VitalSleep tend to be more effective than non-custom ones.

While individual results vary, VitalSleep is recommended by doctors as an effective and affordable first option to try for mild to moderate snoring.

How Much Does VitalSleep Cost?

VitalSleep offers set pricing directly through their website without any haggling needed.

Here’s an overview of their pricing options:

  • VitalSleep Mouthpiece (original)
    • $59.95 per unit when buying a single mouthpiece
    • Price reduces to $49.95/unit for 2-pack
    • Additional discounts for higher quantities
  • VitalSleep Professional (custom)
    • Starts at $99 per unit
    • Multi-packs discounted to $89/unit

All orders include free shipping.

The custom professional version carries about a $40 price premium for a personalized fit.

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Is the VitalSleep Worth the Price?

Compared to other custom-made anti-snoring mouthpieces, the VitalSleep device is very competitively priced. It costs significantly less than many dentist-fitted oral appliances.

Considering it’s made in the USA using quality materials and is FDA-cleared, the price is reasonable.

For mild to moderate snoring issues, VitalSleep offers an affordable starting point before considering pricier alternatives.

Their 90-day money-back guarantee also makes it risk-free to give VitalSleep a try.

Next, let’s look at the materials and design…

VitalSleep Snoring Mouthpiece – Materials and Design

What is it made of?

Both the original and custom VitalSleep are made from a durable medical-grade BPA- and latex-free thermoplastic material.

Is VitalSleep FDA-Approved?

Yes, the VitalSleep is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter use to reduce or alleviate snoring and sleep apnea.

It meets the FDA’s standards for safety and quality regulations. Many other online anti-snoring devices lack FDA clearance.

Design Features

  • Dual upper and lower trays to stabilize the jaw
  • Incremental lower jaw adjustment in 1mm increments
  • Airflow holes near the front let you breathe naturally
  • Dual-sided – can be flipped over and used on the left or right
  • Smooth rounded edges for comfort
  • Allows speaking and drinking
  • Carrying case for portability
  • Choice of original or custom impression fit

Thinner and more lightweight than many bulky generic mouthpieces, the ergonomic design maximizes comfort.

Adjustments and airflow openings also minimize side effects.

Where Can I Buy VitalSleep?

VitalSleep is sold exclusively through the company’s website for U.S. and Canada orders:

Click here to place your order and get the best prices!

It is not available in retail stores in order to avoid price markups. Order online to get the best pricing.

Use discount code “SAVE25” to get 25% off your order.

International shipping is available to select countries outside the U.S. and Canada for an added fee.

Next, let’s look at their sleep trial and return policies…

VitalSleep Trial and Return Policy

One of the best parts of ordering VitalSleep is their 90-day money-back guarantee.

Here are the key points:

  • 90-day full money-back refund policy if not satisfied
  • Only pay return shipping – they refund the product cost
  • Can return just one or both units even if buying multi-pack
  • This also applies if ordering the custom VitalSleep Professional

You have 90 days to evaluate VitalSleep. If it doesn’t work for you, return any remaining units for a full refund minus shipping.

This allows you to try it risk-free. Give your body time to adjust to the mouthpiece – it can take 1-2 weeks to see results.

VitalSleep Warranty

VitalSleep mouthpieces also come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty if any defects are found.

You can request a replacement if:

  • It breaks or cracks during normal use
  • The material distorts preventing proper fit
  • Other defects not due to misuse or improper care

Proper cleaning and care will help your VitalSleep last for 12-15 months or longer before needing replacement.

The warranty provides peace of mind you’re getting a quality product designed to last.

Does VitalSleep really work? Now let’s summarize all the key takeaways…

best anti snoring mouthpiece
VitalSleep Review: Can This Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Really Stop Your Snoring? 10

VitalSleep Review Conclusion – Does It Really Work?

VitalSleep provides an effective, affordable FDA-cleared solution for mild to moderate snorers seeking an alternative to uncomfortable CPAP.


  • Comfortable customized fit
  • Clinically proven to reduce snoring
  • Allows natural breathing and speaking
  • BPA/latex-free and FDA-cleared
  • Works instantly – no waiting period
  • Affordable pricing – 25% off code available
  • Generous 90-day refund policy
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not intended for severe sleep apnea
  • Takes an adjustment period to get used to
  • Not suitable for dental problems or TMJ

Overall, VitalSleep is perfect for mild snorers looking for an easy, non-invasive solution backed by science.

It could significantly improve your sleep and relationship. And with their 90-day refund policy, you can try it risk-free.

Just be patient during the adjustment phase. Follow the proper molding and sizing instructions for optimal performance. Vitalsleep anti-snoring mouthpiece for men and women.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does VitalSleep require a doctor’s prescription?

No, VitalSleep does not require a prescription. However, you should consult your physician if you have any concerns before trying it.

How long does the VitalSleep last?

With proper care, VitalSleep mouthpieces typically last 12-15 months before needing replacement. Proper cleaning helps extend lifespan.

Can VitalSleep be used with dentures or implants?

No, VitalSleep cannot be used if you have full or partial denture or dental implants. It requires natural teeth to hold the mouthpiece in place.

Does VitalSleep help with sleep apnea?

It can alleviate mild to moderate sleep apnea, but more severe cases may require additional treatment. Consult your doctor about your sleep apnea severity.

Is there a VitalSleep for children?

No, the VitalSleep is only designed for adults aged 18 and older. Snoring in children may require different treatments based on the cause.

Can you talk with VitalSleep in your mouth?

Yes, the VitalSleep allows you to open your mouth and speak while wearing it thanks to the airflow openings near the front.

Do you need to replace VitalSleep mouthpieces frequently?

With proper care, VitalSleep snoring device mouthpieces last about 12-15 months before needing replacement. Proper daily cleaning extends lifespan.

Can VitalSleep be used with braces or dental crowns?

It’s not recommended. VitalSleep requires a custom fit to natural teeth. Ask your orthodontist or dentist before using any oral appliance.

The Bottom Line

VitalSleep provides an excellent first option to try for anyone seeking an effective anti-snoring mouthpiece without the hassle and price of custom-fitted alternatives.

While results vary by individual, VitalSleep is proven to significantly reduce or eliminate snoring for many mild to moderate sufferers. while helping them sleep better.

Thanks to their generous 90-day refund policy, you can try it for months risk-free to see if it works for you.

Just be patient during the adjustment period. And follow fitting instructions carefully for optimal performance.

Overall, VitalSleep is a smart investment that could not only stop your snoring but also save your relationship and improve your health.

Comparing VitalSleep to Other Popular Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

How does VitalSleep stack up against some of the top competitors in the anti-snoring mouthpiece market? Here’s a brief overview comparing it to other popular options:


  • Nearly identical concept to VitalSleep
  • Pre-molded design doesn’t require custom fitting
  • Allows natural breathing and speaking
  • FDA-cleared for snoring & sleep apnea
  • Also has a 90-day refund policy

Pros vs VitalSleep: Slightly faster to get used to fitting Cons vs VitalSleep: Less potential for customized adjustments

Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS)

  • Uses a tongue-stabilizing concept instead of a lower jaw adjustment
  • Inserts just under the tip of the tongue
  • BPA-free material
  • Some clinical evidence for effectiveness

Pros vs VitalSleep: Unique approach may work when others fail Cons vs VitalSleep: Can initially impact speech and be uncomfortable


  • Mandibular advancement mouthpiece like VitalSleep
  • Custom impression kit for personal fit
  • Allows lateral jaw movement
  • 30-day refund policy

Pros vs VitalSleep: Excellent for opening nasal airway Cons vs VitalSleep: Shorter money-back guarantee

Philips SmartSleep

  • Combines snoring sensor with position coaching
  • Detects snoring and nudges you to change your sleep position
  • Clinically validated to reduce positional snoring
  • 30-day refund policy

Pros vs VitalSleep: Non-invasive option Cons vs VitalSleep: Not as effective for non-positional snoring

As you can see, VitalSleep holds up very well against competitors regarding comfort, customization, and proven effectiveness in reducing snoring.

The 90-day refund policy is also among the most generous in the industry. This allows plenty of time to evaluate results.

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VitalSleep Review – The Verdict

After extensive evaluation, our team rates the VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece as follows:

Effectiveness – 4.5/5

Comfort – 4/5

Longevity – 4/5

Value – 5/5

Guarantee – 5/5

We give the VitalSleep top scores across the board. It’s especially outstanding regarding the generous trial period and warranty that lets you try it risk-free.

While comfort may take 1-2 weeks to get used to, effectiveness is proven in clinical studies. And the price is very reasonable for an FDA-cleared anti-snoring solution.

Overall, we highly recommend giving the VitalSleep mouthpiece a try as an affordable first-line option for mild to moderate snorers struggling with disruptive snoring.

It could significantly improve sleep quality and reduce relationship stress. The 90-day guarantee also makes it completely risk-free.

Just be patient adjust to wearing it, follow fitting instructions carefully, and use it consistently. You should see excellent results within 1-2 weeks.

If you or your partner suffer from chronic snoring that disrupts sleep, what do you have to lose?

Visit and use code SAVE25 to get 25% off your order today!

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