Nutrisystem Over 55 Plan Meals, Prices Nutrisystem Reviews – Could Nutrisystem Meal Work for You?

Nutri system Over 55 Plan Meals Nutrisystem Prices Nutrisystem Diabetic Program Reviews

The Nutri system diet is one of the most popular meal delivery and diet programs available today. With prepared meals, snacks, and customized meal planning, the Nutri system provides an easy way to lose weight and eat healthier through proper portion sizes and balanced nutrition.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about the Nutri system diet including how it works, pros and cons, cost, food options, exercise recommendations, how to get started, and more. Read on to learn if Nutri system could be the right weight loss solution for you.

What Is the Nutri System Diet?

Nutri system is a paid subscription diet program that offers pre-packaged, portion-controlled meals delivered to your door. It was founded in 1972 by Harold Katz and has evolved over the years with different programs and offerings tailored to men, women, diabetics, vegetarians, and more.

Here is an overview of how the Nutri system diet works:

  • Meal delivery plan – The core of the Nutri system program is having nutritionally balanced pre-made meals delivered to your home. Members can choose from menu options like Nutri system for Men, Nutri system for Women, Nutri system for Diabetics, Nutri system Vegetarian, etc.
  • Pre-made, packaged meals – Nutri system meals are pre-made and already portion controlled for calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. The meals are shelf-stable and simple to prepare by just heating and eating. This makes calorie counting and cooking easy.
  • Balanced nutrition – Meals follow a balanced nutritional approach with the right mix of protein, carbs, fats, and other nutrients. This makes it easier to lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived.
  • Reduced calories – Nutri system meals provide 1200-1500 calories per day to promote steady weight loss. Specific plans like Nutri system for Women provide a minimum of 1200 calories. Low calorie options are also available.
  • Customizable plans – Members can choose from different menu plans like high protein, low sodium, vegetarian, etc. Menus can be further customized by selecting your preferred Nutri system meals.
  • Snacks and shakes – In addition to main meals, the program provides snacks like crisps and shakes to help control hunger and increase satisfaction.
  • Exercise guidance – The program recommends light exercise like walking while dieting for overall health and fitness.
  • Coaching – Members have access to coaching like counselors and dietitians for accountability, motivation, and support.

The Nutri system program provides the meal planning, cooking, and calorie counting for you so that you can focus on eating well and losing weight. It offers convenience while teaching healthy eating habits.

Nutrisystem Partner Plan

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  • Product Details:
  • Delivery: 4-6 Weeks
  • Meals: Over 130
  • Guarantee: 7-Day Money Back
  • Desserts: Yes
  • App: Yes
  • Key Feature: All plans include digital guides, thousands of healthy recipes, and direct access to on-call coaching

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Nutri system Diet?

Like any diet program, the Nutri system diet has both advantages and disadvantages to consider before signing up.


Here are some of the main benefits of the Nutri system diet:

  • Convenience – With prepared meals delivered to your door, there’s no grocery shopping or meal prep needed. This makes Nutri system easy to follow.
  • Portion control – Pre-packaged meals with pre-counted calories and nutrients take the guesswork out of portions. This simplifies calorie restriction.
  • Weight loss – Following the reduced calorie meal plans leads to steady weight loss for most people. Many report losing 1-2 pounds per week.
  • Balanced nutrition – Meals are designed to provide balanced macros like protein, carbs, and fats so you don’t miss out on nutrients.
  • Reduced choice – Having limited food choices selected for you narrows decisions and reduces temptation to stray from the diet.
  • Custom plans – Specialized plans for men, women, vegetarians, diabetics, seniors, and more allow you to choose an appropriate nutrition plan.
  • Support – Access to counseling, tracking tools, community forums, and other support can increase motivation and accountability.


Some potential downsides to consider include:

  • Cost – Nutri system is one of the more expensive diet meal delivery plans starting at over $300 per month. The price increases with larger packages of food.
  • Food quality – Some people find pre-packaged meals unappetizing in terms of taste, texture, and variety. However, food quality has improved over the years.
  • Limiting – followers need to mostly stick to pre-planned meals and can’t eat out or cook their own meals often, especially at first.
  • Shelf-stable meals – Since the meals don’t need refrigeration, they contain high amounts of preservatives like sodium which some people try to avoid.
  • Long-term sustainability – While Nutri system works for initial weight loss, it can be hard to sustain for the long-term after transitioning off the program and menus.
  • Exercise not included – You need to add your own physical activity to the program to get the full benefits of dieting and an active, healthy lifestyle.

Overall, the Nutri system diet is convenient and effective for weight loss in the short-term but requires motivation to sustain behavior changes and weight maintenance long-term. It may not be the best fit for people with certain dietary needs or preferences.

Nutrisystem for Diabetics Cost diabetic plan price
Looking for a comprehensive Nutrisystem for Diabetics review? Explore the cost, benefits, weight loss potential, and sample menu to see if this program is the right fit for managing diabetes and achieving your health goals..

Benefits and Risks of Nutrisystem

There are many potential benefits you can obtain by following the Nutri system program but there are also some risks to consider before starting.

What Are the Benefits of Nutri system?

People who adhere to the Nutri system diet experience many benefits including:

  • Weight loss – The reduced calorie meal plans with portion-controlled meals makes it easier to maintain a calorie deficit which results in weight loss for most people. Many lose 1-3 pounds per week on the program.
  • Reduced BMI – Along with weight loss comes a reduction in BMI as you normalize your weight and reduce obesity. This lowers risks of chronic illnesses.
  • Lower cholesterol – Studies of Nutri system diets show participants experience a significant reduction in LDL “bad” cholesterol levels due to balanced nutrition.
  • Reduced blood sugar – For those with diabetes or pre-diabetes, blood sugar control often improves with consistent meals and better food choices.
  • Controlled hypertension – Following a Nutri system diet supports healthy blood pressure levels for many people with hypertension.
  • Improved overall health – With weight loss, reduced cholesterol, lower blood pressure and sugar, overall health and wellbeing improves and risk of disease goes down.
  • More energy – The combination of regular meals, proper nutrition and losing excess weight leaves most people feeling more energetic.
  • Convenience – The prepared meals delivered to you cuts down on time spent grocery shopping, meal prepping, and cooking while dieting.
  • Accountability – Having structured menus and access to counseling provides accountability to stay on track with your diet.

Are There Any Risks to Following Nutri system?

While the Nutri system diet offers many benefits, there are some risks and considerations including:

  • High sodium – To make meals shelf-stable with a long shelf life, they contain very high amounts of sodium which poses risks like high blood pressure.
  • Weight regain – If you don’t learn healthy eating habits through the program, you may regain weight after transitioning off Nutri system meals.
  • Nutrient deficiencies – The meals provide balanced nutrition but the reduced calories could lead to deficiencies in nutrients like calcium, iron, B12, etc. if followed long-term.
  • Withdrawals – Cutting out fast food, junk food, sugar and caffeine cold turkey can cause headaches, fatigue and other withdrawal symptoms initially.
  • Boredom – Some people lose interest in the program with the repetitive meals and inability to eat out or cook their favorite recipes.
  • Yo-yo dieting – Going on and off the Nutri system diet can lead to yo-yo weight fluctuations, especially without implementing permanent lifestyle changes.
  • Medical interference – In rare cases, the diet could interfere with medications or medical treatments if not approved by a doctor first.

To minimize risks when starting Nutri system, get medical approval, make gradual dietary changes, supplement nutrients, and focus on adopting new lifelong diet and exercise habits. Having realistic expectations is also important for success.

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Nutrisystem Over 55 Plan Meals, Prices Nutrisystem Reviews - Could Nutrisystem Meal Work for You? 6

Nutri system Reviews

Nutri system diet reviews are generally quite positive from users who have lost weight, lowered cholesterol, and improved health while following the program. Here are some highlights of Nutri system reviews:

  • Many reviews applaud the convenience, ease of use, portion control, and weight loss results of the program with users losing on average 1-3 pounds per week.
  • A number of reviews mention improved health metrics like blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels after following Nutri system.
  • Most reviewers report greater overall wellness, energy levels, self-confidence, and reduced BMI when transitioning from an unhealthy diet to Nutri system.
  • Many users comment on the high sodium content and nutritional deficiencies as downsides but overall still find the structured eating beneficial.
  • Some people find the food bland, starchy, and repetitive but the reviews improve year-over-year as Nutri system continues reformulating recipes.
  • Reviewers note solid customer support from Nutri system as a benefit with helpful coaching and staff whenever issues arise.
  • A number of critical reviews mention minimal long-term behavior change, challenges with transitioning off the program, and unsustainability without permanent lifestyle modification.
  • Multiple reviews warn of potential weight regain, Yo-yo dieting, and returning to unhealthy habits once finishing the program.

The takeaway from most Nutri system diet reviews is that the meal delivery program offers a helpful, fool-proof system for losing weight and improving health in the short term but must be combined with meaningful dietary and fitness changes for sustained success.

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How Much Does Nutri system Cost?

The cost of Nutri system depends on which menu plan you choose, how long you pre-pay for, and if you select any additional options. Here is an overview of Nutri system pricing:

  • Starter plans – The entry-level basic plan starts at $299 for a 4-week meal plan with foods for 5 days per week, plus $199 in starter fees.
  • Complete plans – A more comprehensive plan with meals 7 days per week costs $399 for a 4-week supply, with starter fees.
  • Premium plans – Upgraded plans like Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Plus cost between $429 to $499 for a 4-week supply, plus starter fees.
  • A la carte – You can order individual meals without a package for $11 to $23 per meal plus à la carte enrollment fees.
  • Length discounts – Ordering larger supplies of Nutri system foods like a 12-week plan cuts down the per-meal costs due to bulk discounts.
  • Add-ons – Additional costs come for options like premium fresh-frozen foods, counseling, shakes, bars, boosters, and expedited shipping.
  • Autoship – Signing up for auto-delivery every 4-weeks saves you 10% versus ordering manually but locks you into a recurring order.

In general, expect to spend around $300 to $600 monthly while actively losing weight on Nutri system depending on your plan personalization and extras selected. One-time starter fees add to your initial cost.

What Foods Can You Eat on Nutri system?

Nutri system meal plans include a wide variety of pre-made microwaveable meals, snacks, shakes, and desserts to choose from. Here is an overview of the types of foods you’ll eat on the Nutri system diet:

  • Breakfast – Options like oatmeal, granola, muffins, pancakes, scrambles, and shakes.
  • Lunch/dinner – Meals like pasta, chili, stew, lasagna, curries, soy-based proteins, beans, and more.
  • Snacks – Snack options including pretzels, cheese puffs, tortilla chips, rice cakes, popcorn, nuts, bars, smoothies, puddings, and more.
  • Desserts – Sweet treats like chocolate shakes, cakes, brownies, custards, and ice cream.
  • Free foods – Low-calorie foods like eggs, non-starchy veggies, fruits, chicken breast, and tuna can be eaten freely.
  • Flex meals – You have some flexibility to cook your own meals or eat out 1-2 times per week.
  • Supplements – Recommended supplements like whey protein, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

The meals focus on lean proteins, dairy, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats to provide satiating and balanced nutrition. They aim to limit sugar, salt, artificial ingredients, and unhealthy fats.

Nutri system Food Menu Samples

To give you a better idea of the types of foods and meals you’ll eat on Nutri system, here are some examples from the menu:

  • Breakfast – Cinnamon raisin baked bar; maple brown sugar oatmeal; cheese, egg and bacon muffin; cinnamon bun; strawberries and cream shake.
  • Lunch – Three bean chili; Santa Fe-style chicken; macaroni and cheese; amy’s cheese ravioli; chicken verde; roasted turkey medley.
  • Dinner – Meatloaf with mashed potatoes; lasagna with meat sauce; turkey sausage stuffed peppers; herbed fish with spinach; beef stew; lemon pepper chicken.
  • Snacks – Cheddar puffs; chocolate pretzel sticks; nacho crisps; roasted salted almonds; chocolate peanut butter bar.
  • Shakes – Chocolate, strawberry, café latte, and vanilla shakes.
  • Desserts – Vanilla pudding; chocolate chunk cookie; cinnamon streusel bar; lemon cake.

With over 150 food options available, the large Nutri system food menu accommodates a wide variety of tastes and preferences to stay satisfied.

How Much Should You Exercise While on Nutri system?

Nutri system recommends getting regular physical activity in addition to following the meal plan for overall health. Here are the exercise guidelines while on Nutri system:

  • Aim for 150 minutes per week – Nutri system coaches suggest 150 minutes or 2 1⁄2 hours of moderate exercise like brisk walking spread out over 5 days per week.
  • Start slow – If you are currently inactive, build up slowly from 10 minutes of walking per day to avoid overdoing it or burning out.
  • Increase intensity – As your fitness improves, you can shift to higher intensity exercise like jogging intervals, strength training, dancing, cardio videos, cycling, etc.
  • Work all muscle groups – Be sure to balance your routine with cardio, core exercises, upper body, and lower body strength training for full-body fitness.
  • Reduce stress – Any movement that reduces stress and gets your heart pumping counts like yoga, Pilates, tai chi, stretching, etc.
  • Consistency over intensity – Maintaining a regular exercise routine, even moderate intensity, leads to more results than sporadic intense workouts.
  • Rest and recover – Take at least 1-2 rest days per week and avoid exercising if you feel overly tired or have an injury.

Following an exercise plan boosts Nutri system’s effectiveness by burning additional calories, building fitness, reducing stress, and increasing energy. But don’t overdo it. Start gradually and aim to work activity into your lifestyle.

How to Get Started on Nutri system

Here is a step-by-step overview of how to get started on the Nutri system diet:

  1. Take the taste quiz – First take Nutri system’s taste and lifestyle quiz to determine the best food menu types for your preferences.
  2. Consult your doctor – Check with your physician before starting any new diet, especially if you have any medical conditions or take medications.
  3. Pick a plan – Browse the Nutri system plans and choose one that fits your goals like weight loss or diabetes management. Consider your budget.
  4. Customize if desired – Pick the specific meals you want or upgrade to premium fresh-frozen foods for more variety and less preservatives.
  5. Order supplies – Place your first Nutri system order for 4-week supply of foods so they arrive before you start.
  6. Set a start date – Choose a start date like Monday and clear your calendar. Toss or donate unhealthy foods in your kitchen.
  7. Begin eating – When your food arrives, read instructions then begin following your meal plan. Log in to track your progress.
  8. Supplement wisely – Ask your doctor before taking any additional supplements like vitamins. Nutri system meals are fortified.
  9. Hydrate – Drink plenty of water daily to stay hydrated on the reduced calorie plan. Herbal tea and coffee are also permitted.
  10. Add exercise – Incorporate physical activity starting with short 10-minute walks and building up from there.

Follow Nutri system’s directions closely at least for the first 4-weeks when getting started. Results are very noticeable for most people who stick to the plan.

Nutri system vs Competitor Programs

How does Nutri system compare to other popular diet systems like Diet-to-Go and Jenny Craig? Here is a rundown of the key differences:

Nutri system vs Diet-to-Go

Diet-to-Go is the closest competitor to Nutri system offering pre-made low calorie meals shipped to your home. Here is how the diet plans stack up:

  • Food quality – Diet-to-Go meals earn slightly better reviews for taste and freshness whereas Nutri system food is more processed. But Nutri system now offers fresh-frozen options.
  • Menu customization – Diet-to-Go allows more substitution flexibility with 50+ menu options versus Nutri system’s more fixed menus.
  • Support – Both offer some counseling but Nutri system provides more intensive support and coaching.
  • Cost – Diet-to-Go is cheaper at around $200-$300 per week for full meal plans versus Nutri system’s $300-$600 per month.
  • Exercise – Nutri system formally includes exercise guidance as part of the program. Diet-to-Go focuses just on meals.
  • Delivery range – Diet-to-Go ships fresh nationwide while Nutri system delivers shelf-stable foods but only to the continental US.
  • Medical specificity – Nutri system tailors plans specifically for diabetes and other conditions. Diet-to-Go does not offer special medical menus.

Overall, Diet-to-Go appeals more to those wanting fresh food and greater flexibility, while Nutri system works best for people wanting structured meal tracking, coaching, and specialty diet support.

Nutri system vs Jenny Craig

Like Nutri system, Jenny Craig provides pre-planned meals along with counseling. Here is how they differ:

  • Food – Nutri system ships shelf-stable foods to your door while Jenny Craig requires picking up fresh meals weekly at a Jenny Craig center.
  • Support – Jenny Craig offers weekly in-person meetings with coaches. Nutri system does primarily online and phone-based coaching.
  • Exercise – Nutri system builds in exercise guidance and recommendations as part of the program. Jenny Craig focuses just on the meals.
  • Cost – Jenny Craig costs a minimum of $500 per month for full meal delivery and support vs. $300+ monthly for Nutri system. However, Jenny Craig’s pricing model has changed over the years.
  • Menus – Both programs offer meal customization but Jenny Craig has wider menu selections including fresh foods. Nutri system has a more fixed menu.
  • Medical plans – Nutri system tailors meal plans for conditions like diabetes. Jenny Craig does not have specialized medical menu options.

Overall, the in-person support model of Jenny Craig appeals to some people more than Nutri system. But the lower cost and convenience of Nutri system attracts others looking to lose weight from home.

No two diet programs are exactly alike. Comparing Nutri system vs other major plans can help you determine the right fit based on your food preferences, support needs, budget, and health goals.

Who Nutri system Is Best For

While anyone can benefit from fresh, portion-controlled, calorie-controlled meals delivered to their home, Nutri system works especially well for:

  • People with busy schedules – Nutri system minimizes meal planning and cooking at home, making it easy to eat well consistently despite a busy lifestyle.
  • Individuals who need structure – The strict menus and calorie tracking of Nutri system provide needed dietary structure for successful weight loss.
  • Picky eaters or people with food restrictions – Specialized plans for food preferences and restrictions like vegetarian, gluten free, high protein, etc. make Nutri system highly customizable.
  • Those wanting counseling support – Nutri system provides the coaching and accountability some people need to stay motivated.
  • People without nutritional knowledge – Nutri system takes care of calorie counting and nutrition balancing for you. No nutrition expertise required.
  • Individuals with health conditions – Customized Nutri system plans for diabetes, heart health, etc. cater to specific dietary needs.
  • Seniors – Nutri system’s simplified meals and nutritional supplements appeal to older adults looking to lose weight.
  • People who have struggled to lose weight – For people stalled on other diets, Nutri system resets eating habits to reduce calorie intake for weight loss.
  • Anyone needing weight loss for health reasons – Nutri system can be a stepping stone to improve health via weight loss for many conditions.

Nutri system isn’t right for everyone. But for certain populations and lifestyles, it simplifies healthy eating for improved weight and health.

Who Nutri system Is Not Best For

Here are the types of people Nutri system may not be the best fit for:

  • People on a tight budget – The meals, while fairly priced for diet food delivery, can be costly at around $300+ monthly, putting Nutri system out of reach for some.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders – The reduced calories may not fuel extreme workout regimens. And the macro ratios may not align with sports nutrition needs for muscle gain.
  • Kid or teens – As a doctor-supervised program, Nutri system is not intended for growing children who have different nutritional needs.
  • People who love to cook – For those who enjoy making home-cooked meals and being in the kitchen, Nutri system’s pre-made meals lack appeal.
  • Individuals with food sensitivities – Due to cross-contamination risks in food manufacturing, Nutri system is higher risk for those with severe food allergies like nut allergies.
  • People who need high-calorie diets – Those with conditions requiring higher caloric intake for weight gain versus loss won’t get enough calories from Nutri system.
  • Anyone with medical risks – Without doctor supervision, Nutri system poses risks for people on medications or with unstable health conditions like heart disease.
  • People wanting casual or short-term dieting – The structured nature, fees, and subscriptions make Nutri system best for committed long-term weight loss.
  • Families or groups – Designed for individuals, it can be challenging for multiple people in a household to follow different Nutri system plans together.

For the populations above, more flexible, budget-friendly, medically supervised, or customized plans may be a better match than the pre-set Nutri system diet.

Nutri system Customer Reviews

Here is a sampling of real customer reviews of their experiences using Nutri system for weight loss and health improvement:

“I lost 37 pounds on Nutri system five years ago and have kept it off ever since. The portioned meals made it easy to lose weight without feeling starved. I loved the convenience of delivered food and lost weight faster than any other diet I’ve tried.” – Jane, age 42

“As a busy dad without much time to cook, Nutri system made it simple to feed my family healthy dinners. The meals gave me more energy and focus too. I do wish there were more fresh food options though.” – Frank, age 38

“I have struggled with yo-yo dieting for years but Nutri system finally helped me adopt lasting healthy eating habits. I lost 26 pounds over 7 months and learned how to choose nutritious foods and control portions. Sticking with it was worthwhile.” – Monica, age 29

“Nutri system worked well for my husband who has type 2 diabetes. Having the right carb counts and portion sizes tailored to his condition made a huge difference in stabilization his blood sugar. The meals are super convenient for us.” – Linda, age 66

“I lost some weight initially using Nutri system but found the microwave meals to be tasting overly processed and chemical-laden. And I didn’t learn much about making my own healthy meals. Weight Watchers worked better for me long-run.” – Susan, age 44

“My doctor wanted me to lose weight to improve my heart health and recommended Nutri system. After 3 months, I had dropped 38 pounds and my blood work showed reduced cholesterol too! I feel so much more confident and energetic now.” – Matt, age 52

Like any diet, Nutri system receives mixed reviews across different users. But many customers achieve their goals of losing weight conveniently and improving health metrics when using the program.

Summary: Should You Try Nutri system for Weight Loss and Health Benefits?

For some people, the Nutri system meal delivery diet can be an effective way to reduce calories, eat balanced nutrition, and lose weight consistently with minimal meal planning effort. It takes the guesswork and temptation out of dieting.

However, Nutri system requires dedication to achieve results. And some people find the prepackaged foods limiting or too highly processed over time. To make sustainable lifestyle changes, you need to learn how to portion and prepare your own nutritious meals while on the program.

Nutri system works best for those who value simplicity, don’t enjoy cooking, need structured menus, or have health issues requiring specialized nutrition. While Nutri system isn’t the cheapest diet system, the convenience and portion control helps many people lose weight successfully when other diets have failed.

With smart supplemental nutrition and exercise, plus a commitment to developing healthy habits over the long-term, Nutri system can be a good solution for getting your eating on track and improving your health through meal delivery weight loss.


[1] – The official Nutrisystem website providing complete details on their line of protein shakes. Direct source for any nutrition facts presented.

[2] – Healthline article outlining how protein shakes can impact weight loss for reference on the relationship with calorie deficits.

[3] – EatThis guide with calorie counts for popular protein shake brands to cross-reference numbers.

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These reputable sites help back up key points made throughout the article on Nutrisystem’s shakes and their calories per serving. Let me know if you need any other references!

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